Be slow, be deliberate with your skin-self care
Breathe deep and rejoice in your being
That is decadence

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Halcyon Candles

Fleeting as the summer rain...

Set the mood and go on a sensory exploration with our exclusive collection of hand-painted concrete vessels and in-house developed wax and fragrance blend.

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Oh, Honey

Indulge yourself with the Saffron Honey creme, slowly infused for 36 months to perfection.
Come, experience the aromatic notes of black pepper, jasmine, musk, and the opulence of saffron.

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All About The Glow

Transform your skin into a radiant masterpiece with our varied range of body exfoliants.

Physical, chemical or combination exfoliants - whatever option you go for, you will look and feel like polished gems.

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Soaps and Suds

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Handcrafted Oils

 A collection of handmade oil blends, carefully crafted and infused with botanicals...